AdvisorAdit exists to serve the RIA and independent Advisor community. We bring advisors and providers together through an exclusive, confidential channel where advisors can harness valued provider information and curate it, along with their own content, to help build sustainable relationships with their clients.

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Always on Your Terms – Select only the providers relevant to your business

At AdvisorAdit, advisors are in charge. Within our platform, advisors decide which providers are aggregated to bring value to their practice coupled with the freedom to seamlessly discover others. Further, with AdvisorAdit's robust Privacy Policy advisors have full visibility and control on what Advisor-related information is potentially shared with providers.

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Anywhere, Anytime, Any Leading Device – Only an Internet connection is needed

We think information delivered when it is actually needed is most powerful. Unlike e-mail and other content distribution methods, AdvisorAdit strives to make provider content truly on-demand. With our Cloud-based application advisors can access provider as well as their own content anywhere, on any leading device.

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Confidential Archiving – Save, comment and collaborate with your colleagues

We believe that advisory practices are better able to grow when all members share a common base of information. With an Advisory Firm subscription, all associates can access and collaborate on important content - including their own. Users can view, store, tag and comment on all pieces posted to AdvisorAdit.

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