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RIAs and Independent advisors are growing faster than any other retail intermediary channel. More asset managers, product manufacturers and other services providers have taken notice and are directing more resources to this important market than ever before. However, most providers are facing a myriad of challenges and even customer frustration when interacting with this unique market segment:

“Push” modes such as email are crowded, cluttering and rarely delivered at the moment when needed most;

Advisors are confronted with obstacles and barriers in visiting multiple provider sites;

Wholesaling teams are unable to cover the entire breadth of the addressable market;

There is limited transparency on advisors and how they actually use content.

The regulatory environment continues to be a significant factor in managing customer communications and content control.


As this segment grows, advisors are demanding a different experience from their key providers to help them better serve their end clients and grow their practices. Take the next steps to learn more!

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AdvisorAdit gives you a new way to effectively market to advisors. You can now publish content on a secure, confidential platform, accessible only by authenticated financial professionals who have chosen you. With our advisor-centric environment, you can increase your clients and prospects’ visibility and accessibility to your important content free of advertising or the worry of SPAM. AdvisorAdit’s proprietary technology offers you unprecedented transparency and insights into advisor behaviors helping you measure your return on investment on your marketing dollars.

Contact Us Deliver information when it is truly relevant to your clients and prospects!

You can delight your clients by supporting a truly uncluttered advisor-centric experience unlike any other information distribution mode offered today. With AdvisorAdit’s Cloud-based technology, advisors can access content across all of their selected providers anytime, anywhere and with most any device with an Internet connection. With the combination of easy access and aggregated content on demand, authenticated advisors can consume your data at the moment it will be most impactful…creating the greatest return on your marketing dollar investment.

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Be discovered and generate leads!

AdvisorAdit offers a variety of ways for providers to connect with client and prospects. Providers can be discovered through our robust search engine and rich taxonomy. We also offer an array of showcasing features and trending tools where advisors also can discover new providers. AdvisorAdit offers immediate alerts delivered to you with clear insights into the client including key client demographics, interests, and the specific content they found compelling enabling your sales team to interact with them at a higher level.


Contact Us Gain insights on content effectiveness with advisoradit’s sophisticated reporting & analytics!

AdvisorAdit’s key differential is its powerful reporting and analytics. We help providers assess the effectiveness of their content as long as it is resident on AdvisorAdit including detailed usage tracking and aggregated analytics by key demographics such as role, rating, firm size, geographic location, etc. With our consulting services, you can develop reports that best meet your business needs such as comparing your content or benchmarking to an aggregate of similar providers, giving you the sharpest edge in measuring your content effectiveness.

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Join with confidence.

With AdvisorAdit, your compliance team can have clear visibility on users and content. We authenticate every RIA firm and FINRA Registered Representative joining AdvisorAdit. Further, AdvisorAdit's Content Manager allows providers to retain tight controls on document distribution including inventory reporting and automated expiry.


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