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We offer industry organizations serving the independent advisor community a suite of products and services to help translate data into powerful business intelligence. Understanding membership makeup is essential for developing sound strategies along with focused and efficient tactics.

Attract and Retain Members Create targeted recruiting and retention strategies by gaining a deeper understanding of member characteristics.
Grow Sponsor Base Win and retain sponsors by demonstrating the true value of your organization through industry-centric metrics.
Maximize Events Optimize the event experience with a clear view on attendee demographics.



Membership Demographics

Gain a full understanding of your membership across key dimensions through high value analytics to help you make data-driven decisions. Identify members’ RIA or B/D affiliation, RIA size, gender representation, and much much more. With these insights in hand you can translate findings into tangible takeaways and efficient actions!


Event Attendee Analytics

Many sponsors are taking a sharper view on the value and depth of events and conferences. Analytics is increasingly becoming “table stakes” in order to decide to participate. Provide sponsors the measures and insights they need to make and sustain ongoing investments in your organization!

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Aggregate Content Analytics

Aggregate Content Analytics

As you expand sponsors’ reach through our mobile and membership services …take things to the next level by measuring advisor interests. What content was most viewed? Were RIAs interests different than Broker/Dealer Reps? We deliver aggregate reporting so you can see what advisors viewed coupled with our industry analytics.







With our Sponsor365 program, you can now offer “digital subscriptions” where sponsors have the opportunity to connect with your broader membership every day of the year. All registered* members can access AdvisorAdit’s Cloud-based portal where your sponsors are showcased in high visibility.

  • Members gain full access to AdvisorAdit’s portal, the industry’s first clearinghouse of provider content, where they can view and store content for future use anywhere, anytime and with any leading device.
  • Sponsors will appreciate the opportunity to extend their reach beyond conferences with seamless advisor connectivity to their contacts, sites and content. Sponsors will appreciate AdvisorAdit’s’ compliance controls including its user authentication process, and document control.
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